Abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding – Myths and facts 2023
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Abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding – Myths and facts

Many women face vaginal bleeding and discharge which is painful and could also lead to other infections if neglected.

Abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding – Myths and facts

If necessary precautions are not followed, excessive vaginal discharge in addition to your typical 
monthly period might be quite problematic. 
This vaginal bleeding, which is thicker than usual discharge, happens throughout menstrual cycles.

Vaginal abnormal bleeding can be brought on by using birth control tablets, which can induce bleeding outside of a woman’s period, or by thyroid, pituitary, and ovarian hormonal issues. 

Infections in the vagina, uterus, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes are the source of other STIs. 
After woman misses one period, heavy period might result in miscarriage.

It’s not necessarily a sign that you have a serious illness if you experience significant bleeding between your regular periods that doesn’t linger for a long time. 

Even if fibroids, tumors, scars, or the formation of abnormal tissue on the cervix may be to blame, 
persistent, excessive vaginal bleeding demands attention. 
You should get thorough examination since it occasionally may be caused by uterine lining growths, which may or may not be cancer.

When the tampon becomes lodged in the vagina or when the vagina is injured after surgery or rape, this type of bleeding can occur. 

Leukemia and other conditions that cause generalized bleeding, such as hemophilia, can also result 
in abnormal vaginal bleeding. 
It may be an infection if there is persistent vaginal bleeding, stomach discomfort, fever, and mucous.

Typically, irregular organ passageways brought on by delivery, accidents, or surgery lead to vaginal discharge. 

Vaginal discharge typically results from an infection that makes urinating unpleasant, itchy, 
and burning. 
Not all infections are sexually transmitted illnesses; certain infections can occur for other reasons, 
such as vaginal inflammation brought on by hole in the vagina, pelvic inflammatory disorders, 
genital herpes, uterine infections, and deficiency in the hormone estrogen.

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