Ghana card SIM registration deadline extended to September 30,2022. 2023

Ghana card SIM registration deadline extended to September 30,2022.

Ghana card SIM registration deadline extended to September 30,2022.


The re-registration of SIM cards has been extended until September 30, 2022.

As mandated by the Ministry of Communication and Digitalization, many consumers have been unable to re-register their SIM cards. Sunday, July 31, 2022, was the projected conclusion date for
the Exercise.

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Ghana’s Communications and Digitalisation Minister, said the extension was based on talks with industry stakeholders during a press event on Sunday.


“I have decided to give a conditional extension after consulting with the sector and considering the concerns outlined above.” This year’s program will expire on September 30th, which is the anniversary of its beginning.


Ghana card SIM registration deadline extended to September 30,2022.


“We’ll have a year’s worth of SIM registration after that. This month’s examination will determine whether or not SIMs may continue to get voice and data services if they have not been completely registered by the end of August,” she added.


Many Ghanaians, despite the difficulties with the Ghana Card, neglected to register their SIMs even when the deadline was extended, the Minister said.


As a result, this is the last chance to submit your application before the new deadline.

“Since the initial deadline was extended on March 21st, figures show a 90% decline in SIM reregistration. When the deadline approached a week ago, “many started going to register when they realized that the deadline was approaching after going to sleep,” “”


Any further delay would just raise their expenditures even more. “The mobile network providers, NCA and NIA have all hired additional people, bought the required supplies and are investing considerable expenses to complete this exercise properly,” she added.


Prior to the second deadline on Sunday, July 31, numerous Ghanaians swarmed telecom stores around the country in a last-ditch effort to register their SIM cards. estimated that 7.9 million Ghanaians will lose their SIM cards before the deadline.

More over 19 million people in Ghana are at least 15 years old, according to the country’s 2021 population and housing census results.


It was revealed by the Finance Minister during the mid-year budget review presentation for 2022 that just 15.7 million of them were able to receive their Ghana Cards.


According to the Minister of Communications and Digitisation, just 12 million of the 19.9 million have been able to register their SIM cards.


In order to give people more time to update their SIM cards, the government and Communications Ministry have been urged to extend the deadline for this process.

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A self-registration software for mobile phones will be made available next week, according to the Communications Minister.

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