Internet explorer goes-off after 27 years 2023

Internet explorer goes-off after 27 years

microsoft retires internet explorer
Internet explorer to Edge

Microsoft Retires Internet Explorer.

It’s time to reminisce, because Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser will be phased out after 27 years. The browser we’ve known (and some of us loved) for nearly three decades is coming to an end, according to the tech giant. The company has announced today, 25th June,2022 as it burial day.

What began as a Windows 95 package add-on became a standard component of our internet usage. According to Times Now, the well-known browser peaked in 2003 and only started to decline as new browsers joined the market. Microsoft faced stiff competition from Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft appears to be making the switch to Edge as painless as possible. Microsoft’s Sean Lyndersay notes in a business news release that Microsoft Edge, IE’s successor, has a “IE mode” built in. Within Microsoft Edge, this IE mode gives you access to old Internet Explorer-based websites and apps.

Microsoft Edge should be used instead of Internet Explorer as soon as feasible, according to the company. There is no better moment than now, with less than 12hours left. Additionally, you can transfer saved passwords, favorites, and other information to your new browser throughout the transition process.

The desktop app will be deactivated on June 15th, and users will be transferred to Microsoft’s Edge browser instead.

Why Retiring Internet Explorer

For people born before Generation Z, Internet Explorer was the doorway to the internet, in an era when Microsoft ruled the computing world, before Google, Facebook, and TikTok, and when the browser had to be installed on computers via CD-rom.

Microsoft said in a report to an Australian competition regulator’s study of the web browser market that its decision to quit Internet Explorer was largely motivated by the fact that web developers were less inclined to make their sites compatible with it.

“after years of attempting to address incompatibilities as they arose with different websites – including some of the most popular ones on the Internet” the company eventually decided that continuing to differentiate from Chrome with a unique proprietary web platform “no longer made sense”, the report stated.

It’s likely that you haven’t used Internet Explorer in years – if ever. Microsoft has been urging users to switch to the Edge browser, which was released in 2015 and is based on Google’s open-source Chromium project.

In 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 in web browsers in Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, and in August 2020, it will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 in Teams.

People using the Edge browser will be able to run antique websites in “IE mode” if they still require Internet Explorer to open them.

Despite its steady downfall, Internet Explorer is still a well-known brand. According to a Roy Morgan survey commissioned by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in September 2021, Chrome (95%) was the most popular browser, followed by Internet Explorer (85%), Firefox (81%), Apple Safari (80%), and Edge (80%). (69 percent ).

According to the same survey, only 28% of individuals use Internet Explorer on their PCs, while 81 percent use Chrome, including 73 percent of Apple users. People primarily stated that they used Internet Explorer since it was pre-installed on their machine and that there was no incentive to use another browser.


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